March 10th, 2007


Add Me, Because I Really Comment!

Hi there! A newbie to this community, I thought I'd jump right in and introduce myself. The basics:
My name is Emily, aka glenns_chick
I'm 31 years old
I'm a mother, and stepmother
I work part time at Michaels Arts and Crafts
I am a proud Canadian, born & raised in the Greater Toronto Area

And now for the fun, random stuff?
*I have a lot of stuff on my life's 'to do' list. Traveling the world, trying most daring things at least once, and sampling every flavour martini there is, for starters.

*I have a girly side that loves scrapbooking, pretty & cute things, and shopping. On the other hand- I love hanging out with the guys, and I love my hockey and football. I can belch on command, and often rattle the house in the process. Is there such thing as a girly- tomboy? If so, I'm the poster child for it.

*I love to laugh. A lot makes me laugh- everything from potty humor to slapstick to a certain kind of sarcasm. If you're funny, I'll love you forever.

*I'm a country girl. Born and raised on a farm, and am currently lucky enough to live on 100 acres full of walking trails. I'm close enough to everything, and yet far enough away.

*I don't care for most tv shows. I know, what kind of freak am I? I'm miss anti- sitcom, preferring to watch sports, or the Discovery channel. The only shows I'm currently enthralled with? The hopelessly cheesy Deal Or No Deal, and Mythbusters. Ha ha!

*Same goes for most movies. In the past few years, I've only seen a handful, and liked even less. My favorites? Jackass, Jackass Number Two and Cars. *sheepish grins* Consider yourself forewarned! ;)

What am I looking for in a lj friend? A fellow comment whore, of course! If you enjoy life, that's great. I'm not into those who do nothing but moan and bitch about how horrible their lives are, and yet do nothing about it. I don't care if you are black, white, or purple. I also don't care what your religion is, so long as you don't push it on me. Your sexuality doesn't matter to me either.I do have a potty mouth at times- you've been warned! My journal is friends only, so if you find down the road that I'm not your cup of tea, feel free to take me off your fl. I will do the same. I post pictures and memes, but always under a cut. Thanks for reading, please let me know if you have added me, and have a fabulous day!
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