March 9th, 2007

Add me, because I really really comment!

I'm not so good with introductions, but i'll try my best to mention enough about me for a start. Name is Michelle..jamaican born [land of sun/reggae/bob marley].. I actually have quite a few of marley's sons on myspace [I knew ziggy & rohan when we were kids]

Anyway i've relocated to a smaller island, close to the coast of Venezuela, where iguanas frequently give a visit in the garden [among other creatures and tropical birds too].. my native language is a dialect [patois] but I learnt english in school, and had to learn dutch for this island as well. I'm married, have 3 kids [all boys].. i'm both an accountant and a self-taught artist [actually i'm jack-of-all-trades] although i'm female. I've travelled to places in europe,antilles & the usa.

My entries are usually random. But I record a lot of my premonitory dreams, I talk about paranormal experiences, also give my thoughts on anything I feel inspired to write about.. and of course, I post my artworks. At the moment i'm busy with the accounting, so new artworks are on hold for awhile. oh and I use the word 'synchronicity' a lot because it's a constant in my everyday life.

Feel free to add me to your list, and of course if later down the road for some reason you don't like my entries [or me] then you're also free to kick me off too:) [It goes the other way as well]. I understand about boundary setting and the whole deal with give and take in any case. I reach out to those who allow it, and walk away from those who close the door in my face.

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drawing- bob marley
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