March 6th, 2007

Add me cuz I really really comment!

Hi!! Im Andi and I need more friends that actually comment. I feel like Im in AA... anyway Im 21, live in Kansas. Senior in anthropology. I like cheese. Alcohol is my boyfriend. (maybe I should be in AA. ha) Im pretty frickin amazing. um...well I dont want to give it all away here so add me to find out more.

add me if:
you'll actually comment
you're at least 20 (I dont care about all that stupid high school drama)
you aren't easily offended.
and you're not opposed to abortion
Oh Brother

"Add me cuz I really really comment!"

Hello. 25 male found somewhere in the wilds of east Texas.
I'm a history/education major.
My passions include teaching, history and comedy.

This is a new Journal I started not long ago, decided I didn't fit the old one that I had for so many years.

I'm a bit pragmatic, or enough for it to count. Also a bit sarcastic, mainly cause I find humor in all things and in all things humor.

I'm open minded to anyone's ideas, everyone gets a free shot so to speek. From militant vegan-homosexuals to angry-rightwing-neonazi zombies. As long as you back up what you say, I'm willing to stick around to trade idea's and theories. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as judgmental as the next guy, but I think its important for -everyone- to have their voice heard, besides given enough time you can find something to like in everyone- Will Rogers had a nice little quote about that.

Anyway, for anyone who decides I might be worth the add I simply ask you be atleast 18+. Thats all really. 

Oh, for those interested I am a moderate in most cases, I am a christian and from time to time talk about my faith and one of my greatest dreams is to have George W. as a drinking buddy and a wingman to pick women up with. I can care less about his politics, he seems like a fun guy.