February 11th, 2007

Add me cuz I really really comment!

I've met some great people at LJ but I'd like to meet more♥

I'm twenty-six years old young woman living at Finland, Europe. Atheist.

I'm possibly forever a student as there is so many new things to learn at this world. My main interests to read and learn is history, science and psychology. The mind of an human interests me much. I like shopping and traveling. Meeting new people and appreciating the old ones.

From TV I like to watch: CSI: New York, House M.D. and Prison Break. Some of my favorite movies are Matrix, Girl Interrupted, generally horror & scifi movies and any that can catch my attention. Old movies also rock.

Favorite music would be from Within Temptation, HIM or Evanescence.

So yea, add me and leave a comment here (or to my F.O. entry) and let's be friends =)♥