January 14th, 2007

umbreon - snow

Add me 'cause I comment!

Name: Ashlee
Age: 20
Gender: Female.
Location:  W.A, Australia.


1. I prefer that you be over 18. Or be a mature about your commenting. Obviously, someone who I can relate too in some way!
2. That we have to have a few things common, of course!
3. I am a nice, caring, sympathetic person who often, offers advice to people if I feel the need. But, I don't like people who post negativity all the time,  people who post blog quiz's all the time, people that post more then 3 times a day or are constantly bitching about how horrible lives are.  - Honestly, who wants to read that? I hope people can find this understandable.

Need more information about me? Feel free to check out my profile. =)

P.S. I like people are intelligent, mature, open minded, insightful, amusing, geeky, artistic, who love poetry and who often don't mind random posts about things.

Thank you for your time.

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