December 28th, 2005


Add me cuz I really really comment!

Hi ♥
I'm Dorien. I'm 14 & I'm from Belgium. I just made this LJ, just to make new
friends, so at this moment, I have none. xD I try to update as much as I can,
and I love to read other people's LJ's & comment. I love making new friends and
get to know people. ^^
I love Japan, everything about it. I love music. A few bands I like: Dir en Grey
(♥), Gazette, hide, Something Corporate, Fall Out Boy, Bright Eyes, The Spill
Canvas, stuff like that. ^^
I can be a pretty bad emo kid sometimes, lol. But I can be *happyhappyjoy~~*
too, and everything in between, I promise. xD I love talking random things, and
things that don't make any sense. ^^ I'll also post many pic entries, when I get
my new camera later today. ♥
So yeah, I just want new friends. Anyone. ^^