November 29th, 2005


Add me cuz I really really comment!

My name is Christina. I'm 18 years old and my birthday is November 16,1987. I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia
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My name is <b>Christina</b>. I'm <b>18 years old</b> and my birthday is <b>November 16,1987</b>. I live on the <b>Eastern Shore of Virginia<b/b>, aka the most boring place ever! I'm <b>engaged</b> and living with the most amazing man in the world, <b>Bruce</b>.

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I enjoy things such as...

-Gaming (Sims 2, WoW)
-Wedding planning
-All types of music

I dislike things such as...

-Thunder Storms
-Rude people

What I think tells most about me as a person though are my wants. The things I look forward to mostly, and the things I will try hardest for in my life. Obviously the first one is getting married, and having a happy healthy relationship. The second one is CHILDREN. I adore children, and cannot wait to have a baby with Bruce. The thought of having a mixture of Bruce and I is so beautiful it hurts. The third is my career. What is that? To start my own daycare. Not much at all some might say, but to's a real accomplisment to have people trust you with their children, and for those children to love you as if you were family.

And yes, <b>I do comment plenty</b>. :D <b>I also love recieving comments</b>.

Add me? I'll most likely add you back. :D
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Add me cuz I really really comment!

Hello! My name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old from Massachusetts. I'm a new mom to my 4 month old son, Nathan.
My likes are: music, my job, my son, reading, commenting on journals, shopping.
My dislikes: mean people in general.

I'm really easy going and I'm looking to make some friends!!
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Add me cuz I really really comment!

Hey! I'm Amybeth, 21 and I am a little bit of an LJ junkie. I've been on LJ for a few months and tend to comment a lot. And I update often. Random facts about me-

*I'm married
*I am college student
*I love to read
*I have fibromyalgia
*I love lj
*I live in Florida
*Amy Brown ROCKS!

My LJ is public so feel free to read. Let me know if you add me though, so I can add you back!

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My name is Jasmine I live in boring old Leesburg and none of my friends use their Ljs so add me. Add me cuz I really really comment!!


- casual drinking
- obsessed with drawing checker boards
- devoted to film making,and photography
- animal lover
- selubant till im married
- hard sleeper
- sometime i talk in my sleep
- party animal
- non stop talker
- multiple loves of diffrent types of music
- joker, class clown
- most popular girl who is hated by all the preps,cheerleaders,etc.
- semi tomb boy


- smokers
- most boys
- meat
- obsesouvly preppyness

there may be more but i cant think of them right now
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