November 26th, 2005

Add me cuz I really really comment!!!

---16, 17 in 18 days!
---Pittsburgh, PA

---I love Korn. I love Korn a lot. And if you love Korn, you're definitely cool with me.
---I also love music in general. I don't have a genre preference and I'll listen to anything, as long as it's good. Some of my favorites include Nas, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, Immortal Technique, Aaliyah, Orgy, Sevendust, Tupac, Stone Temple Pilots, Sepultura, Christina Aguilera, etc. The list goes on forever.
---Writing is my life also. Some day, I will publish a novel. I already have a 300 page one written but I have a lot of editing to do before it goes anywhere.

---I have 40 people on my friends list and I only get 2 or 3 comments per entry. That makes me sad, especially since I comment a lot.
---I've only had this journal for a month. I used to be hera1488.
---I love reading about other people's lives and giving feedback. If you like to do that same, we'll get along fine!
---I'm not picky about who I add. As long as you're not racist, homophobic, or anything like that, I'll add you.

---Please comment on my friends only entry. Add me and then I'll add you back. :)
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    "Beat It Upright" by Korn