November 10th, 2005

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Add me cuz I really really comment!"
My name is Jasmine I live in boring old Leesburg and none of my friends use their Ljs so add me.


- casual drinking
- obsessed with drawing checker boards
- devoted to film making,and photography
- animal lover
- selubant till im married
- hard sleeper
- sometime i talk in my sleep
- party animal
- non stop talker
- multiple loves of diffrent types of music
- joker, class clown
- most popular girl who is hated by all the preps,cheerleaders,etc.
- semi tomb boy


- smokers
- most boys
- meat
- obsesouvly preppyness

there may be more but i cant think of them right now
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Add me cuz I really really comment

Hey all.
I'll make this short and sweet.

My name is Leesy.
I'm from Sydney Australia and I play bass guitar.
I'm 17 years old.
I have pink and purple dreadlocks.
I have a hard on for Led Zeppelin.
Nobody on my friends list also shares the same love for Led Zeppelin as I do, so add me if you like them. :)
I need somebody to share my obsession with *puppy dog eyes*
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