November 8th, 2005


add me cuz i really really (really really) comment XP

LJ friends are love. :)

I am Raquel, i'm a girl, i'm straight and i'm 16.
I have a huge sense of humor mixed with occasional sarcasm.
I'm nice to you if your nice too.
I don't like homophobes and racists.
I love taking pics and looking at them.
Once in while you'll see them on my journal. I can be a camera whore sometimes. I also adore movies and driking tea.
I hate dumb people with small minds, pistacchio, pees, and spam e-mail saying my penis is small. I don't have a penis.
Go on see my interests if you want to know more.

I update. That's the point of having a journal, isn't it?
I comment every once in a while, and no that doesn't mean i say i comment and then i don't. I just don't comment every single entry.
So i do comment often and i appreciate if you do it too. :D

Comment either here or in my public entry. I most likely add you back unless you are a living dead that wants to eat my brain or one of those people that tYpE LYkE tHeeZzZz!!11one1eleven111
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