October 31st, 2005

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Add Me... I comment


I'm Jeremy, 24, living in majestic (heheheh), rainy England. I'm a University student, though I work as well.

I'm open minded, but everyone says that. What I actually mean is that I always try and see things from other people’s perspectives, indeed it's something I quite enjoy. My love of travel, intelligent discussion, even the occasional debate all come from this. I also enjoy pointing out the opposite viewpoints to peoples own, though not in an inappropriate, unkind, or impolite manner. Ah, politeness, I'd say that's something that's very important to me. Honesty, integrity, and plenty of other things that adorn motivational posters: they're also important to me. The principles, not the motivational posters :)

I like most genres of music, though a smallish number of songs or bands within each. My discerning taste doesn't extend to movies though, as I love any cult or B movie, or anything you can talk over, and quite a few foreign, blockbuster, sci-fi, and assorted other films. Favourites are all in my profile. I read, though not as much as I want to. I play guitar, though not as well as I want to.

I update every couple of days, read all friends entries (I'm online a lot due to work and study). Ok, I do actually only comment when I feel I have something to add. Unlike all the other people who say this, I have the, possibly false, belief that I have a lot to add :) So I do comment.
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