October 30th, 2005


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NAME: Star

AGE: 16 years young... 17 in Dec.


HeyHey, I actually really don't feel like telling my whole life story on this add me site thing.  But the main things you need to know is....

  •  I'm a laid back person
  • I will add pretty much anyone( That means, any race or color, all stereotypes, and I dont care what kind of music you listen to)
  • Most of my entries are Kind of long, so if you dont like reading...then yeah. They are entertaining though.
  • I like people to be honest with me, if you don't agree with something I say in my journal go head say whats on your mind. But do remember its my journal and I can say what I want. : )
  • I tend to switch crushes alot, you will hear me like once a month saying "I have a new crush" lol.. But my number 1 is my best friend Josey. He moved away awhile ago he lives in Reno Nevada. We have an open relationship. You will hear me mention him probably almost everyday. I wont ramble on n on about how much i love the guy and make you sick to your stomach, but every now and then I might. haha.
  • If your a grammar freak, i wouldnt add me...because I type how I want. It doesnt reflect off my knowledge, I'm a smart chick... don't judge me. But I dont want people Who tYpE LYke DiS, either.
  • And LAST but not least it bugs me when I comment on peoples journals and they dont back. They just wantin to expand there friend list.


But thats it, go to my friends only page we'll do the whole add me and add you back thing. And "Add me I comment"