October 26th, 2005

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Add me cuz I really really comment!

Hello everyone! My name is Dannielle and I'm a 20 year old female from a boring small town in Western Kentucky. I've listed some reasons you should add me to your LJ! Hope to make some new friends. :)

title or description I'm addicted to LJ and update way more than it's healthy.
title or description I'm a comment whore.
title or description I work full time as a 911 Dispatcher, where I am the CTO (Communications Training Officer), so I always have an interesting story to tell! ;)
title or description I love sending and receiving snail mail to/from my LJ Friends.
title or description I'm constanting on Yahoo and AIM.
title or description I love making icons/graphics for people.

If you wanna add me comment on my Friend's Only post and I'll add ya back! :)
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Hey, I'm Fran, I'm english and, I just turned seventeen. I'm not a super interesting person, but I have my moments. I'm fun loving, friendly, opinionated, bright and a very laid back person. My journals are usually made up of photos, rants when I feel the need and general things. This is yet another of my new journals. I comment and post as much as I possibly can. I despise surveys and quiz posts, so I don't put them in my journal.

I am a college student, I now study English Language, Media Studies and Geography. I work in a clothes shop and I enjoy it muchly.

My hates, hates such a strong word, but I cannot stand homophobes, sexists and racists. I have many gay friends and I love them. I love stripey scarfs, music and bright colours, especially orange. I have tons more on my profile interests.

Thats just some general information about me, but I love comments and comment a lot in return. So..."Add me cuz I really really comment!" :]
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