October 1st, 2005


Steph, 21, minnesota native, loves the cold, insomnia, Albino, bipolar, shy, strange, political, artistic, random

Brandon Boyd (Incubus = LOVE) ♥, aim, alcohol, blondes, boys, candy, celebrities, chocolate, family guy, flirting, friends, guys, lip gloss, movies, music, singing, sleep, snow, south park, textin, the simpsons, vodka, working out, writing, (Check info page for more info)

Liars, Fakers, Liars, Igronance, Arrogance, Assumptions, Dramas, Jealously, Bitches, People who complain about swearing, bush, people who think they know me, people telling me how to live my life, i don't get on with most sxe kids (it's cool if you are, just respect the fact i'm not...).

I don't add anyone under 15
- racist, homophobes, bush freaks, relgious zealots may want to stay away.
- trolls/fakers don't bother, i will ban you
- people who don't comment (ever) are boring, and no fun. (I don't friendcut for no comments tho)
- If you hate (Pro-choicers, childfree, pro gay marriage and adoption, you may also want to avoid me..)
- Bush fans might not like me, unless they can respect that i HATE him.

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(You DO NOT NEED TO ASK. Just add me, and let me know you did)

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