September 28th, 2005


Add me cuz I really really comment.

Bonjour my name is David

I am 22.

I live in Colorado, born and raised.

I am very liberal, but enjoy a spirited political debate now and then

I am agnostic, so some religious people may find some of my post offensive, which is definitely unintentional.

I am gay and proud to be so. I enjoy talking about my current celebrity crushes and obsessions, the current being Jake Gyllenhaal.

I love a lot of music. I go through waves. Currenty I am riding the 80's wave. I listen to anything from the 80's anywhere from teeny pop to new wave.

I get annoyed a lot by things in my life, so you will have to hear a lot about what is irking me on a particular day.

Please add me I have posted 1,209 times and I have been a member of livejournal since March.
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Please add me

Not enough people comment on my rants and raves. Help me fix that. I also try to post a lot in other people's journal entries (so long as its not like five pages of you going on about the time your cat sat on the fridge staring at the clock for nine hours. Your cat sucks.).
I'm a 22 year old male law student. I like metal, videogames and movies. I try to be funny in my posts unless the subject is something really serious, like babies in dumpsters that I found, but that only happened once.
My only request is that people have a sense of humor large enough that the previous statement doesn't offend them to the point of wanting to castrate me. If thats the case, add me and I'm sure we'll get along fine.

Oh yeah, add me cause I really really comment!