September 19th, 2005

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*I'm Andrea! Just call me Andi.
*I'm a 14 year old sarcastic female. (15 in November.)
*I can play solitaire for 5 hours straight...easily.
*I like English class, and despise Math class.
*I still laugh at "Yo Mama" jokes.
*I like music. More of the "emo" persuasion.
*BUT I don't consider myself emo. I'M HAPPY-GO-LUCKY! (most of the time.)
*I pretty much take pictures of anything and everything.
*I love travelling.
*I love US shopping.
*I live in Canada! Wooo!
*I like indie films, documentaries and all kinds of movies.
*I like you..and I'm pretty sure you like me so come on and add me!

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Add me 'cause I really really comment!