September 7th, 2005


I'm Heather.
I was born in Orlando, Florida, but now I live in Maryland.
I love the Beatles. I listen to them more any normal person should.
The 'Y' key on my keyboard sticks, so it often appears I stress the letter.
I'm in love with the Harry Potter books. It's, like, insane. For real.
I'm an internet junkie and love giving/receiving comments.
I like pictures, and I post them when I can. Not usually of me. You're welcome.
I'm sixteen.
I like indie/metal/emo/classic rock music.
I read too much. I'm pretty bookish, but in a non-patronizing way.
Insomniac + Vegetarian + Agnostic.
Eleventh grade.
I'm pretty loud. I get excited really easily.
I love foreign people.
Accents are love.
I love British slang.
And indie films.
I play guitar.
Everything else is in my userinfo. Yeah..

Comment in my journal?? I won't check here, probably. Just to let me know you added me. Because I'm pretty dumb and wouldn't realize it otherwise.

Add me because I really, really comment. Yes, I do.

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(no subject)

I'm Trina.
I like getting comments. I actually read your journals, and I give comments too.
I'm 15, raised in New York City, currently living (unfortunately) in Michigan.
Love music, all kinds, really. Rock, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical, Pop, Industrial, R&B, Rap, Oldies...the list goes on.
I play the guitar, piano, and cello.
I love the 80s.
I love Cartoons.
I like to read. Hunter S. Thompson, William Golding, and Kurt Vonnegut are my favorites at the moment. I also like the Russians, Tolstoy and Chekov.
I LOVE FOOTBALL! Playing it, watching it, whatever!

I don't care how old you are or what you like or where you're from. I wanna meet everybody. My only rules are:
NO tYpInG LykE tHisS pLeEZz
Comment once and while. Not every entry but about once every week at least. If you don't, I'll delete you from my friends list and probably not add you back.
I know I said I don't care how old you are, but nobody under 13 or over 35 please.

Anyway, you should add me because I'm Trina and I'm awesome and I really do comment! Just comment on my livejournal (add me first!) and I'll probably add you back.