August 27th, 2005

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Name: Tricia Anne Taylor
Location: Springfield, MA
Age/D.OB.: Sixteen born on April 4th,1989
Gender: Female
+ I live for music
- I don't live for close minded people.
+ I have an obsession with Livjournal.
+ I use to have an obsession with Myspace.
+ I am really into Photography, and art.
- I hate the beach.
- I am not a huge fan of the mall.
+ I am straight Edge
+ I am a vegetarian.
- I have a fear of clowns.
+ I love penguins.
+ I think Andrew Mcmahon is the most talented man on the planet.
- I am guessing I have more +'s than -'s
+ I wish On 11:11, 12:34, 7:11.
+ I love stars.
+ I love to read.
- I am not into horror/gore.
+ I watch mostly Indie movies.
+ My favorite chanelle is Sundance.
- I do not like MTV it depresses me.
- I do not like stereotypicals.
- I don't like people who judge me on my own opinions
- I change my journal layout every other week or so. (Bad habit)
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I comment, I really do comment.

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heyyy i'm jade, im fifteen, and i live in los angeles, ca. im reallllly into high fashion (not like hollister shit), and im kind of a party girl. i post a lot of pictures with most of my entries and both of my parents are in the industry so i post a lot of stupid gossip. im quite aware that i sound really obnoxious right now but im kind of still wasted from last night. im not boring, i swear.

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  • 16.
  • texas.
  • rachel.
  • loves; starbucks, driving, sleeping, going places, the lake.
  • hates; snobby bitches, annoying people, bo, most/all rap music, narrow mindedness.
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  • i comment.
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    me =)

    Well hello everyone.

    My name is Megan. I live in Tampa, Florida. I love being a comment whore and I love people commenting on me as well. My LJ is Friends Only but I will add whomever wants to... =)
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