August 21st, 2005

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Hello! My name is Becky. I’m 21 years old and live in New Hope, Minnesota USA with my boyfriend Matt. I recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas and will be doing my student teaching this fall.

My hobbies include: listening to music, hanging out with friends/family, homemade gifts, cooking, scrapbooking, inline skating, writing, and reading to name a few.

Some bands/singers I like: Flogging Molly, System of a Down, Less Than Jake, Tim McGraw, Default, Slipknot, Suicide Machines

Who I’m looking for: LJ friends 18 or over, please. I tend to have more in common with those around my age/older.
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Sup guys? :]

So, I'm sick of writing and getting two or three people who comment on my entries and the rest who won't bother. I comment a lot and I expect something in return.

NAME: Hi, I'm Nika. {Pronounced Nee-Kuh}
AGE: I'll be 15 November 29th. Don't be all OHEMGEE SHE'S 4TEEN WTF! because I'm more mature than you think.
SEX: Female. Obviously.
LOCATED: I'm in Pennsylvania - HOLLA!

MUSIC: I listen to Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Mae more than anything. I also like Alkaline Trio, Armor For Sleep, At The Drive-In, Death Cab for Cutie, Eisley, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Imogen Heap, Jack Johnson, Jack's Mannequin, JamisonParker, mewithoutYou, My Chemical Romance, Something Corporate, Straylight Run, t.A.T.u, The Blood Brothers, The Postal Service, and some others.

  • SPORTS- I LOVE soccer and it's my passion. I play goalie for my JV team. I also play softball, tennis, and do drill team.
  • FOOD- I love to sit and eat. I'm not a gross fatass, though. I can't gain weight. It's like, seriously impossible. I ♥ carbs!
  • PHOTOGRAPHY- I always take my digital camera with me everywhere, so I occassionally post some awesome pictures.
  • PERFECT GRAMMAR- Or something close to it. I hate when people can't type.

  • CARB-CRAZY PEOPLE- I can't stand when people get bent out of shape over carbs. There's nothing wrong with a little bread.
  • UGLY GIRLS WHO THINK THEY PWN- Yeah, it speaks for itself.

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    • bee1327

    add me, cause i really really comment.


    3 doors down, alanis morissette, alex parks, alkaline trio, blink 182, brand new, cauterize, courtney love, dashboard confessional, deathcab for cutie, fall out boy, garbage, good charlotte, green day, gwen stefani, hole, hoobastank, lost prophets, madonna, mest, motion city soundtrack, mxpx, nelly furtado, no doubt, oasis, p!nk, placebo, q and not u, simple plan, skylar's dream, something corporate, sugarcult, straylight run, the ataris, the distillers, the early november, the killers, the postal service, third eye blind, the starting line, yellowcard.

    the journal:
    sometimes i update 3 times a day, sometimes i don't update for a week. i comment every day though. i sometimes post pictures & know how to use a lj-cut. my entries usually aren't too long, and i promise i'm not too boring.

    check out my userprofile if you want to know more.
    if you wanna be added, comment here on my friends only post, as long as you're somewhat openminded and dun't type lyk diss.

    oh, & there's a picture of me on myspace, and while you're there, add me!