August 20th, 2005


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Cross~Posted Like Whoa.

Okay, firstly my name is Brandi, I'm 16 years old, and I live in Starke, Florida.
I was "released" from the psych ward about a month ago for SI and cocaine use... I've overcome the drug use but not cutting. So, if you have issues with SI, you can quit reading now.

I do comment a lot... A comment whore, if you will. Don't add me if you get offended easily bc I tell it like it is. No b/s. Do add me if we share at least 5 interests or are interested the same things, if you comment regularly, and you aren't a pisshead. You can add me here and after you do that please comment here that way I know you added me.

Here is my oh so awesome photograph:

Haha, at least you know I wear my seat belt.

5 Things I Love:
♥ God
♥ Black Eyliner
♥ The Color Pink & Black
♥ Boys & Girls
♥ Open Minds

5 Things I Loathe:
♥ Stinky People/Feet
♥ CD's That Skip
♥ Menthol Cigarettes
♥ Ignorance
♥ Immaturity

5 Top Bands:
♥ Staind
♥ System Of A Down
♥ Fall Out Boy
♥ Led Zeppelin

If you like what you see/read I would LOVE for you to add me. So, yeah. :D

Add me bc I really really comment.