August 18th, 2005

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I just made a new journal & I am looking for journals to comment upon & of course new friends to comment on mine too =] No matter how meaningful,insightful, or even dull it may be ..I mean my life doesn't always have something exciting going on..I just write whatever's on my mind.
A little about me...
+I am addicted to music
+I have this thing for dramatic eye make up
++++british accents =]
-I hate doing dishes
+I want to learn how to bellydance
+I love indie,classic,forein films
+I'm pretty much open-minded
+blasting my music when no one's home
+Performing -singing.dancing.acting.modeling
+mexican & chinese food

In my journal you will find
-rants &venting
-the going on's of my life

so add me =]...oh and don't forget I really really comment =]
..and go to lj to comment to be added if you're interested
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I'm a 23 year old female looking for people to talk to in my journal. I am looking for poeple who like giving and receiving comments. People who are very honest (even bluntly), fun, non-jugdmental, funny, WHATEVER! As long as your interesting I'd love to have you.

I love rock and industrial music, and I am very strange and unique.

Comment either here or in my journal if you want to add me and be added.


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Name: I am anonymous (unless you are on my friends list)
Journal name:  A My Bloody Valentine Song
Status: Taken ♥

What I write about:
my life, my problems, my high points, my low points, my addictions, my hates, my loves, photos, music, love, death, TV, rants, heaven, hell, artwork, myspace, whatever. 

likes: people with good stories, pretty music, art, brown hair, love, boats, swimming, my bloody valentine, bjork, slowdive, nine inch nails, toad the wet sprocket, the 90's, president clinton, macintoshes, shopping, kissing, cuddling, coffee

what i hate:  metheads, scene kids, emo bands, bill gates, gas prices, buying things, liars makeout whores, judgemental people, shallow people, gay or bi people who try to make a huge scene about the fact that they are gay or bi.  honestly, who cares anymore...whats the point in making a huge production over the fact that you prefer one sex to the other. arrogance

i post pictures quite often, but due to the fact that this is an anonymous journal and i do check people before adding them, i am not going to post a picture of myself on a public community.

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Name: Rose
Age: 16

About the lj: The Journal is Friends Only so just comment here on my Friends Only page and I will add you back! =)

Music: Ciara. M.I.A.. Eminem. Kelis. MCR. Reliant K. Slipknot. Weezer. Garbage. Nine Inch Nails. As I Lay Dying. Queens Of The Stone Age. The Dan Band. Daniel Powter. Black Label Society. Gorillaz. Hot Hot Heat. Seether. Thievery Corporation. Anna Nalick. The Prodigy. Willa Ford. Nelly Furtado. Simple Plan. Missy Elliott. Lil Jon. The Used. Breaking Benjamin. Pussycat Dolls. Will Smith. All Types of Music.

Since I spend most of my time on the computer I will probably comment a lot. There might be a chasm of 1-2 days of not commenting but thats rare and only because of school. I like getting comments and I know a lot of others do so i'll try my hardest to comment every day =)

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add me cause I really really comment
amelie artichokes have hearts


I am in need of new journals to read.

I'm a jersey girl named Anna, turning 18 this saturday, getting ready to start college at Rutgers University.

I love music, acting, singing, etc. My taste in music is very eclectic, as is just about anything I like. I love eyeliner and macara in any color. I love Incubus, Rilo Kiley, Postal Service, Mae, and a lot more. JTHM and Squee are awesome. I love movies, especially if they involve Johnny Depp and/or Tim Burton. ♥♥♥ and I'm dying for The Corpse Bride to open in theatres. I pull into gas stations blasting showtunes, like Wicked, Rent, and Bat Boy, and singing them on the top of my lungs, and I don't care who thinks im crazy because of it. I can't dance, but that doesn't stop me from doing so. I'm a night person, and love staying out late. I drink at parties but I'm not dumb about it, and I hate people who are. The city [NYC that is] is the greatest place to be, and my dream is to be on Broadway one day, but since I want a steady paying job, I'm studying Psychology instead. I'm an open-minded person, and I don't like closed-minded people. I'm straight and single, but have gay friends and I love them to death, and if you have a problem with them then I don't like you very much. I hate sympathy whores, you know, the kind of people who complain about everything in their life just to get your attention and make you feel sorry for them. They need to get over themselves and start living their lives. I love my digital camera, and post pictures pretty often.

Oh yeah, add me cause I really really comment ♥

I think that's enough about me, don't you? heh.

Comment on my F.O. entry, not here please, gracias!

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