August 17th, 2005


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name: brittany
interest: everything! cept hate and mushrooms, and drugs, and bbq.

I update at night, i'm nocturnal. um my best friend lives in chicago. thats far away from nashville. So i need more friends for when i cant get in touch with him!
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Name: John
Age: 16
Location: Arizona

Music: Atreyu, From Autumn To Ashes, Hawthorne Heights, Killswitch Engage, Norma Jean, Lacuna Coil, Coldplay, The Mars Volta, Guns N' Roses, etc...

Television: Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Joan Of Arcadia, The Real World, Monk, etc...

I am always looking for new friends. I love to comment on other people's journals, and I also love receiving comments. Click on the link below to find out more about me.

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Hi, I'm looking for friends who comment and read my journal. I have a lot of friends who do, but I truly like getting to know new people.

My name is Natalie, I'm 16 and going to be starting my junior year in hs. in 2 weeks. I go to a performing arts high school in California and am very involved in choir and musical theatre. I plan on moving to NYC after high school.
To list all the bands I like would take forever, but a lot of them are in my user-info, although not all of them. Music is basically my life. Whether it be the music i listen to, or the music I sing or play (i attempt piano) it keeps me alive.
I deal with depression and self hate, and I have not grown up in the ideal home, so I often complain on my journal, but not that much as I have a lot of real life friends who read it and I am kind of secretive about my life at home.

I don't have much of a life, hence being here, heh. I am at rehersals for something half the time or else at home in front of my computer. So I comment a lot and read people's posts. I like the fact that someone else that I don't know can actually get to know a lot about me and vice versa.
umm so I guess that's it.
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=add me and I DO comment=

who am I? well I am 25 years old. and apparantly a female... I live in the Southwest of England, in a small fishing town. I have an honours degree that I forget I have for most of the time. I work part time in a camera shop and spend most of my existance in the quest of as random a life as possible. I am a trained actress, and do various bits.. got the lead in a show in Torquay in October.. and I am a trained film maker and make random short films for festivals and competitions. Religion-wise, I am a pagan, and rest of interests include Livejournal (pathetic, arent I?), multimedia, photography, art, goth, hippies, anticapitalism, bizarre humour, being silly, martial arts training, fb swapping, gardening, drinking, sleeping, history, cosplay, fantasy, sci fi (got a particular obsession with Jedi knights), nature, the seaside, enviromentalism, thrift, writing, cats (dont have one, but still obsessed), Jackass style stuff, non-conformity, deep and random conversation...

I love to read interesting entries and do me best to comment. My journal is friends only, so comment here or on my friends only piccie to be added...  And theres further randomness on my user info.

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Add me?

My name is Iliana. Or Ili, or Lana. Call me whatever you want.

--I am 15 and live in New York. Im going to be a junior in high school in September, and I am not excited.
-- Ill be 16 in October.
-- I am single and straight. But gay people rock as well. :)
-- I am the type of girl who laughs at her own jokes and likes to dance around in her underwear singing along to just about anything.
-- I love music, just about any kind. Music is my drug. I used to be all about rap and whatnot, but now its anything(well almost) and everything.
-- I enjoy shopping, watching tv or movies, hanging out at the park checking out guys with my friends,

-- I'll add you as long as your not too old or some psycho stalker.
-- I comment as much as possible, and hope you will do the same. =)
-- I am very nice and outgoing and all that good stuff, unless you give me a reason not to be.

Visual representations under the cut.
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So, add me because I'm cool. Lol.
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I'm Nicole and I am 17 years old. I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I'm looking for some livejournal buddies, as I am starting fresh.
I do read my friends page every day without fail.
Don't add me if you just want to make your friends list look longer.
It doesn't work that way with me.
You comment on my journals, I comment on yours.
Check out my userinfo for some details, but adding me is getting to know me, right?
A picture is on my userinfo also. =)
Please comment on here

Add me cause I really really comment.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

Hey there. I just created this new journal and I am looking for friends that like to comment, of course and update their journal pretty often. I don't mind photo entries or poetry entries, I do photo entries myself. I like to read about peoples thoughts and how their days went and I like people that accept my views and my opinion. It's not nice to write something in my journal and have people start commenting and trying to push their own views down my throat. I won't do it, so I don't want people to do it to me.

Surveys are horrible, they take up tons of space on your friends page and have no use or meaning at all. I don't mind them if they are done out of boredom once in a blue moon, but if it's all your LJ is full of, please don't add me. And don't add me if we have nothing in common.

I hate homophobes, sexists, racists, ignorance and arrogance. I love music and my taste is varied. I like Sinatra, Ramones, The Used, The Kinks, Coheed and Cambria, Taking Back Sunday and tons of 70's girl groups.

I am 16, female and I am kind of picky, but if you want to add me go ahead, I will more than likely add you if you are cool. All I ask is please don't add me if you do any of the things I hate, lol.

Bye. :]