August 15th, 2005

  • janiero


hello, i'm ari. i'm 16 and i live in new jersey. i just moved here from los angeles. my interests include traveling, photography, web/graphic design, art, music, exercise, health, fitness, makeup, fashion, and body modifications. i'm not claming genius status at any of that.

i'm just looking for some down to earth people to get to know a bit better. i comment, obviously. i'm very open minded and i accept people for who they choose to be. i'm buddhist. i like buddhism because it's not about wailing and praising about one god who's supposedly "perfect", no offense to anyone. it's mainly about meditation, living a good life, helping those in need, and being healthy.

i really don't care if you think you're ugly or if you think i am for that matter. people like that have extremely bad karma. so if i interest you in anyway, comment on my friends only post and i'll add you. i look forward to meeting you.

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001. Rachel.
002. Twenty.
003. Australian.
004. Engaged.
005. Expecting a baby on the 11th of September.
006. More stuff in my info.

Comment on my Friends Only post lovelys.
Just don't add me if you never comment.
Cause I actually do comment; a lot.