August 14th, 2005

Playing guitar

I'm willing to break myself, I'm not afraid.

Yo. My name's Tracy- 15, Asian, and Sophomore in HS. I'm cool, really! Okay, maybe I'm not. I'm a complete loser. But I'm a cool loser. I'm a cool, smart, musical loser also.

I'd like friends who update and comment regularly. I hatehate short, multiple posts by one person. I like to write long posts, and I'd like people to give me good insights (comments!). I comment on almost every single entry on my friends page, so you can't say I don't comment.

& pictures are for squares. :o (My pitiful excuse for not going to Photobucket to grab a picture URL).

Everything's in my User Info. Add me, and comment on my FO page.



Hey Everyone. My name is Megan, I live in pa and I am 15. If you want to know more about me then just comment on my friends only page or add me. = ) Add me cause I really really comment.