August 13th, 2005

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My name: Rolonda
I'm from: New Jersey
I am: a girl
I am: 18 years old

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I post random entries. @ random times. If you have an interesting lj I promise I'll comment. I dont like drama. or bullshit. or suicidal people. I love ny & new yorkers. I love photojournals. I love artsy people. I love boys. I love breakdancers. I love myself.


comment on my FO page.

add me, cause i really, really comment.

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Name - Ashley
Age - 16
Location - NY
Bands - Deadstar Assembly, AFI, The Ataris, The Used, Korn, SlipKnot, Nirvana, Green Day, Anti-Flag, MCR, etc
Movies - Requiem for a Dream, The Crow, Idle Hands, The Notebook, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Thirteen
Other - Creative Writing, Journalism, Photography, Reading

I try my best to comment on interesting entries. I enjoy artsy people, entries with pictures since I tend do that a lot as well. I've been getting sick of adding people that never comment on my journal, as I'm sure we all do when we go out of our ways to comment others. Think we have anything in common? Comment my FO entry. Look at my info if you'd like to see other interests and such.