August 10th, 2005


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I like people. And I like friends. AANNDD... my best friend ditched me, so uh, let's get a new one, shall we? I need new insight and companionship.

I'm 19 years old, though I don't feel a day over 15, and long to be even younger than that.

I appreciate music of all types: from death/black/viking metal, to Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. I have many friends who are heavly into music or who are even DJs, so I have thousands of songs on my computer of all types.

I enjoy writing -- this is a given, though, right? Considering I have a journal.

I have many animals. Seven rats, two cats, one house rabbit, and one lab puppy. I post about them a lot, with pictures all over.

I'm Pagan, though I respect and, most of the time, embrace all religions.

I love to read. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of books and comic books.

I enjoy reading about other people's lives, and will often comment.

Good grammar turns me on.

Long hair on guys also makes my willies happy.

I'm harshly sarcastic.

I'm vain.

My nickname's Succubus, for my way with males.

Nice to meet you. Let's be friends.

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Fucking Add Me Already

Palmyra NewYork
College student

Lets see here, I love Nicole Richie and Britney Spears. They are absolutely Beautiful! I am your normal 20 year old girl that loves the color Pink, Preppie clothes, and Loius Vitton Purses!! Want to know more about me, just look at my info....

Add me.. I'll add you back. I dont really have many pet peeves about who shouldnt add me but if you are one of the following dont :
People that are depressed all the time/ like to hurt themself for the fun of it
and ummm idk haha I guess thats just my major thing or oh people that act like they are so me starwar or LOTR person and make their whole journal based on it. not really into that whole lets be something that we are not thing! yea

soo fucking add me already yay :)

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+ Ellie
+ 16 Years Old
+ Female
+ Ohio
+ Junior in High School
+ Graphics Artist/Writer
+ Straight A Student
+ Academic Advanced Placement

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My Journal: Updated Frequently, long entries, in depth, sometimes personal, ranty, sometimes funny, tons of pictures, surveys, quizzes, news on my favorite things, my graphics, advice, open book, complete honesty

As a friend: I will comment, I will read entries, I will give advice if asked for, I will help if need be, willing to talk on instant messenger.

Looking for someone preferably that will comment on entries and read them too. Someone who will give me their input. Guys mostly since I have only one on my friends list, but girls are cool too.

I have no judgements. I don't stereotype. I love to make friends and I try my best to be a good one. Willing to make friends with pretty much anyone. Comment my friends only entry on my journal after adding me and I'll add you back or respond to this post.

Looking forward to getting to know you all...

♥ El
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im sophia im 16 junior in high school graduating early!!! favorite food is CHINESE :D music-avenged sevenfold, atreyu, as i lay dying, murderdolls, godsmack, slipknot, metallica, soilwork, black sabbath, iron maiden, rob zombie, killswitch engage, sooo many more i just cant think right now im looking for people that would actually read my lj entries and comment ADD ME CUZ I REALLY REALLY COMMENT! hah bitch Collapse )
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