August 9th, 2005

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I am not new to LJ but looking for some interesting friends who comment at least on occasion. I know we all lead busy lives.

*My name is Melissa and I am 22 years old

*I live with my boyfriend, Eric, so he is often talked about in my entries

*I am a third year Psych student

*I am very close to my 20-year old sister who is a lesbian and living with her girlfriend one street from my boyfriend and I

*I am always you can catch me on AIM, MSN, or Yahoo. I always like to get to know my LJ friends

More info is on my user info page...just add me. I will add you back :)

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hello everyone.
this is my anonymous journal, and because it is anonymous, i am more honest and real in it than i am in any other. i had to make it because there were just too many feelings an emotions i was having to keep inside as not to upset any of my friends. basically, i want to add people with interesting lives and good stories to tell. i like to think i usually have good stories, so i want to read good stories.
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i love getting comments so i always comment on other people's entries..but im looking for some more people who comment
so add me cuz i really really comment!!!!!!!!!
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Heather ~ 18 ~ senior in high school ~ homebody ~ very nice unless you get on my bad side ~ biggest Jennifer Love Hewitt fan ~ shy ~ obsessed with Livejournal ~ comments alot ~ likes to get comments ~ I love my cat ~ watch tv alot ~ funny ~ VERY sarcastic ~ loves rain and cloudy weather ~ doesn't like overrated anything ~ goes on alot ~ can't wait for Christmas to come ~ rambles in my entries alot ~ gets excited over the tiniest things ~ extremely devoted to those I love ~ VERY VERY VERY pro-life ~ can't stand Paris Hilton ~ loves to cook ~ change my layout alot ~ I'm big on horror movies ~ Jack Bauer is my hero

I want people with similar interests to me. It doesn't matter what race you are, what sex you are, whether you're gay or not. I'm not judgemental. But I like reading people's journals who like the same things and/or have some of the same views I do.

Add me :)

My name's Trish
I am 16
I love music
I am such a camera whore
I love fashion
I love giving and recieving comments and getting to know people on live journal
I hate judgemental people
I don't add people I know on this journal I talk about things sometimes people I am close to can't know
Comment on my friends only sign if you want to be added