August 8th, 2005

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My name: Rolonda
I'm from: New Jersey
I am: a girl
I am: 18 years old

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I post random entries. @ random times. If you have an interesting lj I promise I'll comment. I dont like drama. or bullshit. or suicidal people. I love ny & new yorkers. I love photojournals. I love artsy people. I love boys. I love breakdancers. I love myself.


add me, 'cause I really, REALLY comment.

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Hey... My name is Brandi, I'm 16, and am from Florida BUT moved to Virginia bc of my habitual drinking and drug use. I love meeting new people and reading new people's journals. A little abt me:

Likes: cologne . open minds . eyeliner . photography . movies . music (ALL music) . smiling . real people . confidence . boys and girls . boys in eyeliner . mix CDs . stand up comedy . soft skin . being blunt . reefer .

Dislikes: followers . beating around the bush . closed minds . TypIn LykE DiS . bad hygiene . pissheads . immaturity . bad spellers . low self esteems . CDs that skip . ignorance . Bush . being shallow .

I get online almost everyday and put an entry in my journal almost everyday. I read my list of friend's journals almost everyday as well.. I comment when I feel it neccesary. Um, I just got out of the psych ward for SI and cocaine use.. Yeah, that sucks. No, it sucks that I can't do coke anymore. I'm really outgoing.. Good sense of humor.. Blah, that kind of stuff.. So, yeah. Add me. :D

My Awesome Photograph:

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