August 2nd, 2005

27 October 2008


IRENE [is my name].
EIGHTEEN [years of age].
FRESHMAN [at scad].
[pop/digital] ARTIST.
PICTURE WHORE [but really insecure].
INTROVERT [at first].
EXTROVERT [when comfortable].
[overly] SARCASTIC.
[horribly] SENSITIVE.
LOVEABLE [you know you want a hug].
[somewhat] FUNNY.


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- John
- 16
- Arizona

Copied and pasted from my bio

I am a quiet person. I tend to keep my emotions bottled up. I am heart broken. I need to be loved. I play the guitar and piano. Music is my silent passion. I cannot live without it. I listen to a wide variety of music. Anything from Beethoven to Mudvayne. I heart Atreyu and From Autumn To Ashes. I want to become a musician when I grow up. I am addicted to Starbucks. My favorite drink is Mountain Dew. I love the rain. Bitty Schram has the sexiest accent ever. I have an obsession with green tea. I wish I could fly like a bird. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are fucking gorgeous. I hate Blink-182. I'm obsessed with WB and Fox TV shows. Black is my favorite color. I love my friends to death. They mean the world to me. Ashley will always be my sexy bitch. Lucas is my brother for life. Sarah is such a cute dork. Lacey will always be my hero. Kenji is a disgrace to the asian culture. I have trouble talking to girls I like. I wish it would snow in Arizona. Basketball is my favorite sport. I want to move to Canada when I grow up. I hate racist people. I hate people who can't act their age. I hate a lot of people for their stupidity and ignorance. I never judge a person by their looks. I believe in second chances. I don't really like movies. I wear dark clothing. I love Naruto. My personality is quite similar to Uchiha Sasuke. I can't sing worth shit. Paula Abdul annoys me. Solitude is my biggest fear. Death doesn't scare me. I cuss too much for my own good. And yes, I will probably be the most random person you will ever meet.

Wanna add me? Comment in my journal.

I will most likely add you back. Unless your entries are incredibly boring.
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hi, my name is melissa. i love music like i have nothing else to do in this life. i'm one of those people who can't make it through a day without a billion songs stuck in their head. i drum, play guitar, piano, write a lotta lyrics, love hacky sack, and a bunch of other stuff.

fave bands include: thrice, thursday, the used, funeral for a friend, saosin, the receiving end of sirens...etc. too many to list. want a complete list you can send me a message.

friend me. i love commenting. i try to say something of relevance and importance. i like meeting new people, or at least befriending them online.

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I'm Candice and I am 22. My life is a rollercoaster of emotions, but I just take it as it is. I'm inpatient and very much on edge about most of the things in my life aka I'm sort of paranoid and a bit OCD. It takes a special kind of person to handle me. I'm still looking for that person, hopefully he will appear in the immediate future. I might sound a little crazy sometimes. But to tell you the truth I've been through alot more than other people. So if you find this interesting, add me cuz I really really comment