August 1st, 2005


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Hiiii. Im Lindsey. I ammm..
17 and im from kennesaw,Georgia.
I love things like: the golden girls.anchorman.micheal ian black.penguins.randomness.rum.parties.random things.
uhh some more random things about me:
My favorite color is green
I hate judgementalness
e-bitches are dumb.
I draw lots of stuff on ms paint
Im obssessed with bloc party.
I have red hair.
I love my cat even though she hisses at most of my family(She hissed at my ex though so shes not a bad judge of character.)

sssssssssoo yeah i have no idea what else to sayy, soo addeth?&hearts

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Hi, my name is Heather. I'm a 19 year old female from Canyon Lake Texas and I joined this cause I love to comment on entries and love it when people comment on mine. I'm really into music right now, especially metal. I have a lot of KiTTie, Jack iff Jill, Slipknot and so forth. I also play a little guitar but I kinda suck right now. I haven't been playing, but ya gotta start somewhere, right? I'm also a writer, that's kinda what I wanna do with my life. I'm really into vampires and such, Anne Rice is my favorite author. Well, hopefully I didn't bore anyone too much and hope that ya'll like me.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!
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Heyyy. I'm Phuong (pronounced FONG, and yes, it is annoying having to put a pronounciation key everytime I virtually introduce myself). I'm seventeen years young and I'm gonna be a senior in high school. I can't live without music and listen to pretty much everything. I love, love, love art and all forms of it, but particularly photography and painting. I enjoy being around my friends and family. I like meeting new people, online and off. I'm a grammar whore so please don't add me if you can't spell and/or type like an educated individual. I update almost everyday. I comment whenever I have the chance and I love getting comments in return. If you add me, please comment on my friends only post. Add me, I'm awesome.

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I just posted not to long ago but...I need more friends, I'm out of journals to read. First off, I comment alot(if you don't suck). I like to get comments back. I post alot of pictures. My journal is full of perverted things and swearing, drunkeness and all that good stuff. If you are easily offended then stay away. I'm not going to name off my favourite movies, music and tv shows. I have a userinfo page for that. What I will tell you is... Female/17/upstate NY/attending beauty school/unnatural redhead I have way to much time on my hands during the summer. 

Add me because I really, really comment.

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