July 31st, 2005

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My names Kristy, i'm 17 and live in small town right outside of Detroit Michigan. In a year i plan on moving out with my best friend to either New York or Southern Cali.

Three things i have an obsession with are
-flip flops
-lip gloss
-& purses
Oh & I cant live without iced coffee. Starbucks is my addiction.

I hate people who are judgemental, hypocritical or ignorant. I also cant stand people who start drama merely out of boredom. If you have any of these qualities please refrain from adding me.

I dont have a boyfriend, but there is a certain guy who i hook up with, that i care so much about. Theres a lot of different guys that come and go in my life, i just dont want commitment right now, and dont wanna be tied down. The thought of being in a serious relationship scares me. I have problems opening up to people and tend to push potentially good "nice" guys out of my life. For some reason i am always attracted to the more "asshole" type of guys.

I love to party and have a good time.. I am a very easy person to get along with, & I love new friends, so drop me a comment if you wanna be added ;)

OH! and i just made a myspace, and would love new friends on there, so if you have one - add me! :)

Check me out!

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Add Me

I want new friends

+Don`t add me if you just want your list to be bigger
+Don`t add me if you`re never going to comment
+Don`t add me if we have NOTHING in common
+Don`t add me if you`re under 16t

Still want to add me?

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im 21, minnesotan, steph, pro-choice, anti-bush, crime show junkie, really random, piggie owner, hippie by heart, always barefoot, sick, bored, disabled, picture junkie, a fan of angelina jolie and johnny depp, bohemian fan, love learning about new things, dont drink or do drugs but i have a lot of friends that do, writer, graphic maker, journal junkie, cartoons, milkshakes, not a fan of red meat, i can't stand people who whine about shit but refuse to change it, i dont care for people who add me then forget they ever made a journal, i love comments and i comment a lot, since im on disability i have A LOT of time on my hands, granola, green tea, prefer music from 60's 70's and the 80's, hates the word "bling bling", hardly watches mtv.

- Don't ask to be added just add me if you like me :)
- no one UNDER 14
- racism, homophobia, agism, ablism is BAD just don't do it
- if you hate problems with anti-bushisns that don't add me

I am a little contraversial, i post things that some people might find offensive, but i always do it behind the cut, i post things that make people thing, i don't update about everything i do, i love lists, and any quizes or memes are kindly put behind the cut

:) Bored? spam me here and ONLY there... other-wise i delete it

Comment here</b> to tell me you added me. ONLY friends adding posts are to be put here

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Brianna. 15. April 23rd. Brown hair/brown eyes. Lives in a town that isnn't always in the map in Louisiana. Has zebra stripes painted on her bedroom walls. Does not like cockroaches, or any bug for that matter. The New York Yankees are most simply the best baseball team ever. Was a Girl Scout for three years. Has pet a giraffe. Thinks Conor Oberst has a terrible, sickening voice and looks like a stoned Jason Mraz. Most of the guys she's ever crushed on has blue eyes and dark hair. Always is cold. Likes to ride her bike and sing "Bicycle Race" by Queen while riding. Yearns to learn how to ride a horse and eventually own a horse(maybe even a racehorse). Wishes Pepsi made Pepsi Twist again. Listen to a wide variety of music and likes it, except for country. Not very religious. Hates eating stale fortune cookies. Has a short story published. Get cucumbers and banana peppers put on her sandwich at Subway, but takes them off to eat seperately. Is in a band, but it's not an emo band. She plays clarinet in the band, and marches around on a 100-yard field in a heavy, black marching uniform. Loves black and white photography and wishes she had a talent when it comes to photography. Comments frequently and likes the same back.

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Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?

Info?? Right, then.

Age: Sixteen
Lives: In between Florida and Maryland
Loves: Photography, all things literature, eyeliner, nature, music, medeival history, colorful and bright anythings, people with a sense of humor, long walks in the rain, Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, skepticism, controversy, foreign languages and accents that go with them (British accents are adorable), attention though I don't do too much to seek it, traveling; I want to go around the world really bad, THE LOST BOYS, anything Tim Burton, 24, Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy, the ampersand, and DDR, because all the cool kids play DDR..
Is: Italian and German, tall & pale, an insomniac, hopeless romantic, guitarist, outgoing, thrill seeker, internet junkie, comment whore, agnostic, vegetarian, politically apathetic, high school Junior, mood-swing happy, addicted to NeverWinter Nights, Baldur's Gate and Diablo, impatient, a speaker of English and Spanish, determined to go to Europe and Russia.
Music: Metal/Indie/Emo, deal with it.
Dislikes: People who whine about being labeled, owing people, people who can't spell, reading about the hot sex you had last night, homophobes/racists, making the first move.

For the record, I don't care what your sexual preference is, what music you listen to or what you think about Mr. President. If you're cool, I'd be happy to add you.

Don't add me if you can't accept my views, have an issue with language, or don't comment.
Drop me a comment saying you added me on my Friends Only post, please.

Let's be amigos.
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Name: Jamie
Age: Just turned 20, on July 25th!
Location: Michigan, the metro detroit area
School: Going on my third year at Central Mich University! Majoring in family studies and minoring psychology

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In my journal I bitch a lot about school... just to warn ya! In a lot of my entries I ask for advice from friends and hope to recieve it, and I would be more than happy to do the same in return. The reason why I came to this community is because I was hoping to get to know some people on the net. I dont just want random people on my friends lists, id like to get to know the people who read my journals. Also if you comment to me I will be more than happy to comment back to you in your journal :-) So if your interested feel free to comment on my journal, __jamielee, and add me! Just let me know alittle bit about you or whatever. I will be sure to add you back.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment
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