July 29th, 2005

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Amanda lynn;. 16. crazy outgoing. funny. blonde hair w/ crazy/hot redish brown highlights & darkdark underneath. curly hair like no other. senior. emo kid at heart (<3). just got out of a bad,bad long distance relationship of 2 years. go to an all-girls school. teacher of 3rd graders. live w/ my dad. 3 younger brothers. waitress at pizza hut (i hate it.) obsessive compulsive. ADD like woah. kind of spoiled. daddy's girl<3. etc..
love; mac&cheese. driving. good music. loud music. fun times with friends. going to shows. icecream. sunglasses. my ghetto vehicle. saying random things. hiphop. r&b. emo. country. money. garden state. the notebook. shopping. new shoes. dancing. kids. teaching.
no thanks; stupid people. reading. mistakes. my car stalling. not having cash. green day. hellogoodbye. bitchy girls. caddiness. being home. orange people. myspace.
music; straylight run. coheed&cambria. mae. saves the day. anberlin. letter kills. the spill canvas. fallout boy. hawthrone heights. ultimate fakebook. dropline. something corporate. thrice. bright eyes. relient k. the roots. the academy is. aqualung. frou frou. the shins. the rocket summer. homegrown. the bravery. and then i turned seven. staind. the lyndsay diaries. aqualung. saves the day. the starting line. train. weezer. rufio. acceptance. alkaline trio. the postal service. autumn to ashes. foo fighters. hot hot heat. franz ferdinand. matchbook romance. mindless self indulgence. motion city soundtrack. senses fail. sugarcult. start trouble. the sounds of animals fighting. unwritten law. the used. yellowcard. jimmy eat world. hidden in plain view. copeland.

Comment here and fill out the questions. and then i'll add you.<3
Mystical from ljuser over

Let's Give This A Go, Eh?

Hello. My name is Lisa. I'm older than dirt, (soon to be the big 4 OH), and live in a basement apartment in an old run down Sears Roebuck house with my husband and two dogs. I have a Pug/Pekingese mix and a Pekingese. They are my world.

I am an amature photographer and my journal is VERY image heavy...I mean I post a photo about twice a week...but if you don't have a huge F/L then that shouldn't be an issue.

I am a contradiction of sorts, seeing as I have many Conservative views, yet also many (lets call it Open Minded) views, (I hate the term "liberal"). I'm neither a hardcore Republican nor am I a hardcore Democrat...I think both sides have good/bad points.

I have a huge variety of people on my friends list, artists, photographers, parents, students, freaks, goths, conservatives, feminists....so don't let the information I give on my User Information page fool you, I'm actually quite tolerant. I also am a community whore...so check out the over 400 communties I'm in (but rarely post in for some odd reason), you may find something of interest to you. I also have MANY really nice, cool people on my F/L.

I'm often asked how I can keep up with my list. Well, I don't, really, like I said, I get behind often, but do catch up. I don't work, I'm a stay at home doggie mom, on SSDI. So I have the time I suppose, that, and I have severe, chronic insomnia. I read all journals/comment about once every 9 days or so. Sometime more often, but I always get caught up.

I really like cooking and eating, so a lot of my posts are of food photos, and recipes, etc. I post about a variety of things really...I rant and complain often...but also have a humorous and lighter side. I like to "mix it up a bit"...but I may be delusional and might in fact be a real snore...who knows...that's for you to see. *grins*

One thing I'm a bitch about is comments. I do get behind here, sometimes 10 days behind, but I DO get caught up and comment back. I interact on this here LJ thing...I give comments and fully expect mutual interaction. If you add me either be the type to make comments to entries or at least comment back to comments you get. I'm not talking every single entry...but at least a few times a month. I don't buy that "I only write for me" bullshit...if that were the case, you would not seek out people to read and add you. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

SO, there you have it...give my journal a gander and ADD ME PLEASE!

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Don't let my friends list fool you. I do comment whenever I have something to say, which is quite often.

I'm Kaytlin and I'm 16. I want to get to know you and be best virtual buddies. Please make sure you comment and update before you comment to be added.

MEI live in Hick Town/Incest Land. :/. I get a kick out of pissing people off and ruining someone's day... only if I hate you. I really am sweet, though I may not come off that way. I ramble alot, ALOT, kinda like I'm doing now. I just got off probation, which sucked. I am loud, most of the time. I like people to look at me and I love attention. I'm confused about my sexuality, so if you are discriminatory, don't add me, ever!

MUSICMarilyn Manson, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Bright Eyes, Stole Your Woman, Mest, Rob Zombie, Fall Out Boy, MCR, etc...

comment at my journal ugh___whore
// Credit- Me.

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Olivia. 15. Lesbian. Gemini. Sophmore at Community High. Ann Arbor&& Lansing Michigan. Pot&& Cigar Smoker. In Love. Black&& Mexican&& Dominican Republican. Writer. Partier. Drama Queen. Concieted. Emotional Wreck. Daddies Girl. A Cappella Singer. Blunt. Brat.


Sex. Jessica Sharmane Kelly. Hip Hop. Rap. Pop. Orange Juice. Dancing. Parties. Cigars. Marjiuana. Blackplanet. Livejournal. Tv. PPB&J. Xanga. AIM. My Family. My Friends. KFC. BBQ Chicken. Christmas. Getting Hit On. My Ipod. Weddings. Slow Music. Magic Tricks. Getting Dressed Up. Proving People Wrong. Text Messages. Late Night Calls. Letters. Diamonds. Roses. Online Shopping. Fitted Hats. Popsicles. Rings. Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie. Mini Skirts. Making Girls Jealous. My Cell Phone. Donkeys. Driving Fast. Money. Rights. Thanksgiving. Freestyle Battles. Drinking. The Playboy Bunny. Good Movies.


Racism. Homophobicism. Mean People. Smelly People. Depressed People. Rock Music&& Such. Compititon. Being Corrected. Wet Toliet Paper. P Diddy. Too Skinny Girls. Stomach Aches. Being Sick. My Enimes. Science Fiction. Harry Potter. Math. Drunken Men. Waking Up Early. Not Getting My Way. Pimps. Liars. Not Getting What I Want. Being Rejected. Perverts. Fake People. Paying For Stuff. Getting Caught. That Time Of The Month. Birthcontrol. Saying Goodbye. Cleaning.

Ooh babe you know I like it when you feel on me. Pullin on my waist I'm feelin energy. Gettin' kinda hard to keep ya hands off me. So slide a little lower put ya hands on my thigh. Maybe I know you like it if that right. I'ma show you how to make it last all night. Now let me see you shake it. Twist it, shake it, bend but don't break it. Work that body gettin' so crazy. Don't hurt nobody up in this party. Twist it, shake it, bend but don't break it. Twist It ;; Olivia ft. Lloyd Banks

Only add me if you know how to comment&& make friends comment on my friends only page&& add me first.

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___ The Girl;
My name is Rachel, but I prefer being called Rach. I was born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada on March 23, 1989 which makes me 16 years young. I'm usually a very friendly and caring person, yet at the same time I can be self-centered and cold-hearted. I guess it depends on which way you rub me, or how I'm feeling at the time and what my mood is. I'm probably one of the shyest girls to ever walk the earth. I'm extremely emotional, insecure and self-concious. I have a trust issue, but it's the opposite from most people. I trust others and let them in too quickly, which usually ends up in me being betrayed. I hide my feelings most of the time because I fear that I may end up hurt or hurting someone that I care deeply about. I also fear that nobody's interested in me and what I have to say which is why I keep quiet and to myself most of the time. Although whenever I get to know someone better and I feel comfortable enough with them, I can be extremely outgoing and hyper, and chances are that most of the things I'll end up saying won't make any sense, at all.

I have an amazing boyfriend named Jesse who means more than the world to me. If anything were to happen to him or to us, there wouldn't be a meaning to my life anymore because he is my life. I don't believe I ever knew what true happiness and true love felt like until I ended up with him. He's the most wonderful person in the world and I'm lucky to be with him. ^-^;;

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