July 22nd, 2005



I'm Kelly and sixteen.
I'm looking for some more friends because all of my journal friends like died. Er, something.
So yeah.
I basically love music, mostly rock. Some of the music I like is listed in my userinfo.
And I really like TV, haha.
My favorite shows are Veronica Mars, Lost, The OC, The 4400, Instant Star, Degrassi, etc.
So, uh, add me maybe? :D
Comment on my friends only post, if you'd like to be added.
Especially any guys, just 'cause, it's nice to have a male perspective on things. Yanno? And almost all of my flist is girls.
Ohh and anyone not from the USA would also be cool. I love people from other countries! ;)
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bianca - female - 17 - germany
i need some friends that actually comment more than once a year, of course i will return the favour.

if you wanna know more you should check out my userinfo for bands and stuff.

i don't really care about your age, location, or taste in music, but i'd be glad if you're somewhat interesting and don't type like the crazy frog.
oh, i have a girlfriend, so if you hate gay people we probably won't get along very well.

there's a picture of me on myspace and while you're there, add me!

06 credit burningburning

i love you,add me!

my name is kristen. 19 years old.
i haven't had a computer for the past 2 months, i missed lj very much.
i now need some new faces on my friends page to make things all better.
i love to comment, i write in my journal everyday. i <3 picture posts.

music :: aslyn, tyler hilton, ashlee simpson, lindsay lohan, kelly
clarkson, maroon 5, frankie j, black eyed peas, the wreackers,
john mayer &&coldplay.

It doesn't matter to me how old you are, what your into or how you look.
just as long as you write in your journal &you comment in mine. : )

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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