July 21st, 2005

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add me its that simple ?

comment on my friends only page please.

i love comments.
i update alot.
i love new people.
my name is goldie.
im addicted to MYSPACE.
i love aim 'lastgoodbyexx'.
i end every single post with a heart.
unless theres something wrong heh.


Hi! My name is Jen. I am 21, and I am a super cute little punk girl. I like to listen to music, and I'm a DJ in Minneapolis. I really like Sweet, NIN, Ministry, The Ramones, and The Distillers. I am seeing someone, so I'd rather not get a bunch of guys wanting to bone the hell out of me on my friends page. I like tattoos (I have five, including a total back tattoo), piercings (5 again), and other kinds of stuff like that. I am an artist (starving), and I go to school for art. Anyway, add me because I want to read some new stuff, but don't add me if you type like a jackass. You know what I mean.

Add me cause I really really comment!

im jane

Im almost 21
In a few weeks, I will be married one year to my hot husband JT.
I love the color blue, and the tv shows family guy, and Law and order SVU
Im very very very crafty. All things yarn and thread. Needles galore.
I'm a student in idaho, but im an oregonanian through and through. I lived in Portland for several years.
I have a guinea pig named quizno. He is my favourite pet ever.
I spend too much time online. So you know you should "Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
OH and ps. My pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/angelwife
Or here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goldieknox03

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Hey, my name is meaghan..erm I`m 15..If I had to tell someone something about me ..then it would probably be music is my LIFE, I could never live without it. I`m into punk rock emo screamo metal hardcore death metal alternative 90s mostly everything besides rap,pop,country,and shit like that...uhh yah. I`m into art, poetry, photography..and If you saw my pics or my ramblings in my journal you probably would think I`m some punk ass bitch..but I`m really not I`m more creative && crap..That pic on my icon is me, so I don`t think I have to post a picture in this post. But if your into good music, or your just a nice person add me please =]

and if you add me I`ll most likely comment on your entries alot, and of course add you back =]

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I just got a new journal so I’m looking for some friends. I update every day, I comment a lot, and I type properly. I used to have another journal on here under a different name. So if you had me added then please add me here also.

Name: Dana
Age: 15
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Comment on my F.O. post to be added.

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Name: Nathan
Location: CA
Likes: Incubus, Saosin, Coldplay, The Bravery, The Redwalls, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band

Add me on LiveJournal:

Feel free to add me on MySpace as well:

Comment on this entry if you added me so I can add you back.
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lives in michigan.
loves ohio.
im a lesbian.
i like all kinds of music from:
trillville to britany spears to avril lavigne to
paula abdul to fall out boy to nsync to
luther vandross.
you can't label me.
i love aim and i changed my aim screen names
a lot. but im running out of ideas.
i love paris hilton and nicole richie.
tupac shakur is my hero.
i love myspace
&& my digital camera.
im mixed with three races.
pinks my favorite color.
popsicles = sex.
gemini = mood swings.

i just deleted lots of people off my list so its pretty empty.
only add me if you comment as much as i do.

go to my friends only page, comment & add me and i'll add you back.