July 20th, 2005

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Natalie, 17 years old, in Germany.

- tv shows (the l word, veronica mars, desperate housewives...)
- music (christina aguilera, creed, staind, michael jackson...)
- open minded people
- laughing

- racism
- homophobia

Also my journal is not too personal. It's mostly about music, fandoms or memes.


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Hi Im lindsey. 17.f.georgia.
I love: music. bands= coldplay, eisley, bob marley, brandtson, bloc party, death cab, the bravery, mars volta, the moving units etc, etc. I love parties, and drinking. Anything thats fun. Frappicinos.my dog. my kitten. micheal ian black. the daily show. funny things. randomness. food. ipods. and a ton of other stuff.
i dddonnt like: tanning beds, spiders, rascist, elitist asses, most celebs, blahddy blah.