July 18th, 2005

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about me: i am seventeen years old. i have red hair and an excellent center of balance. i live in idaho but have a heavy boston accent because i was not born in idaho. bright eyes, death cab for cutie, and built to spill are my favorite bands. i guess i like indie music. i read through several of this community's entries, and there doesn't seem to be much activity. which is distressing, but i decided to try anyway. i always comment because when others comment it validates my e-existence, or eexistence if you prefer. journal is friends-only, so i would certainly add you back. i had to write "add me cause i really really comment" first thing to ensure i wouldn't forget.

add me cause i really really comment.

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                                                                                   Hey There Everyone! = )

NameImage hosted by Photobucket.comMegan Danielle Wright
StatzImage hosted by Photobucket.comSingle and looking ; )
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Add me cause I really really comment.

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