July 16th, 2005

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Hi...I'm Racheal, I'm from Kansas. I go to the University of Kansas majoring in Sports Management. I'm in committed relationship of over 2 years. I post quite regularly...& I also love to comment on journals. So if you comment...go ahead and leave a msg on my journal., and I'll add you!! <3


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Name: Caryn
Age: 15
Birthday: August 18
Location: Sammamish, WA

there is a ton of things about me in my profile so you can read that if you wanna really know more..

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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hey i'm michelle ♥
i love my friends..theyre all so awesome
i love shopping
i love music...new found glory, the used, story of the year, blink 182, sublime, disturbed, breaking benjamin, sugarcult, pretty ricky, 50 cent & pretty much anything
i post a lot of lyrics & pictures
i use lj cuts
add me...i comment as often as i can ♥


[♥] steph
21, minnesotan
left handed, writer
artist, granola junkie,
barefooted, loves things from the 60's
silly, random, loves learning, art,
cartoons, music, indie films, the color pink

War, violence, mean people,
judgements, people who add me and don't ever talk to me,
attention whores, liars, DRAMA, holier-than-thou types
rating communities

Extra stuff:
I'm easy to talk to, i comment, i'm disabled, i'm sick, i'm bipolar, but im not crazy
I'm childfree, pansexual, pro-choice, non-organized religion. However I don't have a problem
if you are on the opisite end of things. (no i can't spell well)

No one under 14 - sorry <3
Don't add me just to start shit
Don't add me if you don't ever plan on talking to me/commenting it's pointless

COMMENT somewhere on my journal, and let me know you added me! (don't don't NEED to ask to be added, if you think im cool, just add me...)

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
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My name is Stanley and I am past 30 (but not that far past it). Currently I reside in the middle of the desert, also known as the great city of Phoenix Arizona. I am hard-of-hearing, who loves music (especially loud techno and electronica), reading books and watching tv/movies. I am also a christian and write about my struggles with my faith as well as some insights as to what I see God doing around me. Essentially I like to write long entries about things going on in my life, about God/religion, and sometimes about movies and books I read. I like to think that I write thought provoking stuff, although I occasionally write some totally random non-thought provoking stuff too.

Looking for friends who dont mind an occasional debate (arguers and closed minded people need not apply) or willing to leave comments on stuff I write about. I am also looking to read about other people's journey in life and will comment on occasion (ie if you write 5 times a week, I'll comment on at least one of them).

Finally... Add me 'cause I really really comment!