July 14th, 2005

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18 3/16/87 I'm a pisces! Wooo
St. Louis, MO

Meaningful music, poetry, going to the movies, PS2 (Yes, I rock the controller),
dancing, writing, drawing, art period, listening to people, caring about someone, browsing the mall, going to grocery stores late at night, adult swim-Family Guy, ATHF, Inuyuasha, Robot Chicken, Def Poetry, I love scary movies.

Seafood, crowded places, loud people, holes in clothing..I have a phobia of holes in clothing..isn't that weird? Spiders, any insects, heat, ignorant people, annoying people, That damn show on MTV with the fat kid..what the hell is that about? dishonest people

OVERALL I'm a very laid back. Goofy. Open. Expressive. Appreciative. Comededic. Sarcastic. Analytical. Logical. Always laughing. Brutally Honest. Opinionated. Sometimes Shy. Sometimes Quiet. Moody. Nonchalant. Unusually calm in "panic" situations. Melodramatic. Affectionate. Self Confident. Self-Content. I believe in telling the truth even if it hurts. Not brash, but tact. Alert...yeah yeah

**Most importantly. I update often. I comment alot. I reply to comments. I like comments. You should post some to me. I check my friends page DAILY. Even when my day is boring...my entries are still interesting.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
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+Harry Potter
+Samurai Champloo
+Family Guy
+Cowboy Bebop
+Outlaw Star
+Final Fantasy
+Video games& Most anime
+Von Bondies, Transplants, Offspring, Vines, Strokes, Cake, Franz Ferdinand, Frou Frou, Bright eyes, Fall out boy, hellogoodbye etc
Comment on my f/o entry, I'll add you ♥

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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*name – beth

*age - sixteen

 *location - minnesota


20 random things about me:

i listen to music everyday. i am going to be a junior. i love sharpies! i hate drama. i hate girls that gossip behind your back. i am sarcastic. i don’t take life very seriously. i tend to give people the benefit of the doubt... i don’t fit into any certain group at school, i kind of bounce between them. i’m fighting depression... i hate when people fight for no reason. i do confront people when they wrong me... i love competition. i love going to see bands play!! i love old music (led zeppelin, the doors, the beatles, on and on). hello kitty is adorable. individualism is the best. I’m very caring for other people and animals. i hate when others pretend to be someone they aren’t to gain acceptance. i am pretty accepting of people, those that are different from me are intriguing and the funnest to talk to.


this journal i just started because in my other one i kind of had to censor myself... more info in my profile. add me cuz i really, really comment!

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    led zeppelin "sick again"

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hi, im katie.
im a nerd. i enjoy coloring and playing with playdough, and i watch nick jr every morning.
i love music. i listen to emo, rock, and country. weird combo, i know.
i dont eat beef. i dont eat pork.
i update a lot, most of the time it's pointless or stupid. if you don't like it, please dont add me.
the end.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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blue eyes;
blond hair;
black eyeliner.
VERY sensitive.

harry potter;
music; movies;
sad songs;
love songs;
looking at the stars;
the beach;

Please only add me If you are really interested, not just to fill up your friends page. Add me because I really, really comment.

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add me its that simple ?

comment on my friends only page please.

i love comments.
i update alot.
My posts are usually Very interesting.
i love new people.
my name is goldie.
im addicted to MYSPACE.
i love aim 'lastgoodbyexx'.
i end every single post with a heart.
unless theres something wrong heh.

pictures are in my userinfo ♥

Comic Snoopy

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I comment and like comments. I like meeting new people too and making friends on lj rather than just adding a name to my friend's list. I started a new journal a day ago.

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hi, i'm Maria.
i'm 18 years old.
i live in the middle of no where,
and i'm constantly bored.

i'm a pretty random person,
and i talk about things that no one
could ever possibly care about.
but hey, i love my friends,
i update a lot,
& i comment often.