July 11th, 2005


new girl

Hey guys due to my excessive paranoia about the wrong people finding this journal of mine i wont say my name but if you add me you'll find it out anyway :).

this journal is not my real journal its my more honest personal journal. i want to add new people because its kind of boring having no friends on your lj for fear of the wrong people finding it. so, i want to add people so they can get to know me and i can get to know them.

i am
+open minded
+christian, but i dont force my religion to other people and i have no qualms about getting in religious debates
+love debating hate arguing

*things im into*
i love music (duh who doesnt)
my favorite bands are
+smashing pumpkins
+nine inch nails
+my bloody valentine
+yo la tengo
...and many many more....

also im very much into art. i love to draw and paint.
so if any of this interests you enough to want to add me...please do...and so you know i read the rules...

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

(no subject)

Loves stars
updates ALOT.
always something entertaining
loves comments.
loves to comment:)
obsessed with music.
Loves going to shows.
comment on my friends only entry if you'd like to be added ♥
thanks dolls.

(pictures in userinfo)