July 10th, 2005

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Ello. I'm Christina.
I'm almost 16&& from the exciting.. [yeah right]
state of nevada =]

Currently in my cd player is:
i listen to varies
Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, Evanescence,
The Spice Girls, Cassie Steele, Mind The Gap,
Good Charlotte, U2, Britney Spears, Greenday,
Pink Floyd, Gwen Stefani, The Ramones, Usher,
Rob Thomas, Enrique Iglesias, Hanson, Aerosmith,
The Go-Gos, Queen, New Found Glory, The Beatles

My favorite movies are the sisterhood of the traveling pants,
Mean Girls, Grease, Hide and Seek, Susie Q, napolian dynamite,
&& lemony snickets a series of unfortunate events.

I love being random, my boyfriend, being free,
being lazy, taking pictures, food, making graphics,
&& most of all my friends.

I comment on everyone of my friends' entries,
I care about my appearance. that doesnt mean im stuck up,
I'm never serious, unless a serious matter comes up,
I have a sleeping disoder; I say up until 4am and sleep until 4pm.
Add me? Comment on my friends only entry, please :]
Not here.
but dammit youre so young

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I need friends who comment.
Music=love. Hidden In Plain View, Armor For Sleep, The Acadamy Is..., Home Grown, Adema, Bright Eyes, Fall Out Boy, From First to Last, Allister, The Track Record, SR-71, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Hellogoodbye, Foo Fighters.. Just to name a few.
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Hey =). My name’s Amberly, and I’m 17. I live in Brandon (Tampa) Florida, and as soon as school starts again, I’ll be going to Blake High School of the Performing Arts for Creative Writing. It’s not as great as it sounds, trust me.

I try not to post too often, but I do post more than once a day. I also try to post at least one comment a day on other people’s LJs, assuming they post comments to mine, too. It’s gotta be a give-give relationship.

As far as interests go, I’m addicted to music, I love reading, I love writing, and I’m currently very head over heels and in love with my boyfriend Adrian. It’s really easy to get me into things, and I like finding out about new things. I’m also VERY Pro-GBLT, Pro-Choice, if that kind of stuff matters to you. Most of my opinions are very strong, and I have no problem voicing them.

^^ I also like a good, healthy, respectful debate. As long as there’s no name calling, and people aren’t being all “OMG but that’s wrong because of G-d” I can handle it. I respect the religious view point, but I’m not going to listen to it. Proper Language is also appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’ve just switched computers, and I don’t have my files on this one, or you’d get some pics =/. But my icons are me ^^ So hopefully that’ll work.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!" (because it was in the rules =))
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