July 9th, 2005

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!!!!danse danse!!!!

my name is Tamberly.
no, i'm not black.
&no my parents aren't crack addicts.
i am sixteen years old.
i live in Ireland.
no its not pretty like your grandma told you.
i'm obsessed with bones..collar bones, hip bones, i love all bones.
which brings me to the next thing.
i have an eating disorder
"like omfgzzz ew." STFU. you have no idea what its like.
& you don't want one either, so don't ask for 'tips'.
i live for the following things;
art // music // make-up // fashion // photography // glamour
i don't have a boyfriend.
i love mary-kate olsen [not in a lesbo way]
i listen to better music than you.
if you think my chemical romance are emo, go slit your wrists.
your almost as lame as their painted up faces.
before you jump to defend them..
i do enjoy some of their music, i just hate how they are all about image now.k.
my journal is friends only.
you don't need to comment, just add me.
&i'll more than likely add you back.


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Hey I'm Lana I am 21 and I am looking for more new friends to add to my journal. I am an artsy chick that will occasionally ask for you to critique drawings, pics, jewelry...etc. I comment ALOT and my life is like a stage. Dramatic, but fun. so if you are interested ADD ME BECAUSE I REALLY REALLY COMMENT.


- 21, female, disabled, artist, writer, comment/journal/graphics junkie, queer, music obsessed

-likes: lollipops, randomness, silly comment wars, AIM convos, cherries, reading, books, art, music, cartoons

-dislikes: people who shove there belifes down my throat, better than thou types, rating communities, spammers, trolls ( who create drama in communities / personal journals...)

- I'm easy to get along with, i'm open minded,

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

Comment on my FO post and i'll add ya!
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