July 3rd, 2005

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I just got a new journal, so I’m looking for some friends. I update as much as possible, and I’m a complete comment whore.

Name: Dana
Age: 15
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Comment on my F.O. entry to be added.
♥ Dana



I'm Ima, fourteen years old and I live in Amsterdam. I need some livejournal friends who comment more often. i listen to music a lot. i listen to bands like the beatles, mcfly, the hives, the libertines, rjd2 and more. i love reading, poe and salinger for example. i write a lot in my diary and to my penpals. i started playing the violin at my fourth and i still do. my favourite tv show is lost. i have a hamster called nero and i love watching movies.

you should add me.
please comment on this entry if you do.
kthanxbye. ♥

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I'm Lucy...I'm 15...and i'm from England

I love: my boyfriend, my friends drawing, listening to music, shopping, talking, being with my friends, watching films & more.

Right now my fave bands are soad, apc & lostprophets.

If u wanna find out more go to my userinfo;_lucy_lamb_

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