June 28th, 2005

miss this tons.

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kerri lynn. sixteen. new jersey.

; bedroom moshing, bowling, coloring books, cuddling, ddr max2, dunk-a-roo's, eskimo kisses, forehead kisses, holding hands, iced tea ssips, picture taking, shakin' my groove thang, slow dancing, smiles, strawberries, swing sets, xoxo

; beastie boys, brand new, bright eyes, coheed and cambria, copeland, cursive, dashboard confessional, fall out boy, gg allin, head automatica, hellogoodbye, his infernal majesty, homegrown, hot hot heat, ima robot, jets to brazil, old rancid, mad caddies, misfits, moneen, my chemical romance, saves the day, sir mix alot, something corporate, straylight run, sublime, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the pietasters, the postal service, the secret machines, the used, thursday, underoath, ETC.


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Hey. My name's Christine. I'm 14 yrs old and i'm single. I'm from MA

Likes: hollister,abercrombie,weathervane,aeropostale,beach,hot weather,summertime,chillin with friends, malls,shopping,shoes,having fun,LiveJournal,etc...look in my info for more.

hates: assholes,backstabbers,morons,stupid people,people who dont update/comment, etc..

If you want me to add you comment on my FO post I might add you, but if I don't don't bitch at me. I don't want to hear it.

Oh, and add me because I'm hott :P

I need new friends...

Hey my names Leesie, I'm from Australia and I'm basiclly getting bored with my friends list and need to meet new people...

You will most likely find me mention or post a picture on at least one of these:
+Maynard James Keenan
+Twiggy Ramirez/Jeordie White
+My band [I'm a bassist]
+Family Guy [it's just so friggin funny]
+Serial Killers

+A Perfect Circle
+Mindless Self Indulgence
+Nine Inch Nails
+Marilyn Manson
+The Beatles

I very rarely do text-only posts and/or quizes [please don't add me if your entries consist mainly of quiz results]. I have a fetish for Japanese girls in uniform and boys in make up. Yes, I do have a sense of humour =D
Add me 'cause I really comment.

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HI! I just started a new journal because I am crazy for change. My name is Lana and I am 21. I live in New York and I LOVE cars, sports, and clothes...weird combination, but what can you say when you are a girl raised by your father.

I am a good listener and I am into a lot of bands like Death Cab, Postal Service, and distillers, placebo,cranberries...etc

Add me coz I really really comment!!!!!!!