June 20th, 2005

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My names Jade. Im 16 and Taken by Scott <3.

My favourite movies are:

House Of Wax. Thirteen Amityville Horror. Resevoir Dogs The Shining Donnie Darko. Sid And Nancy. Bride Of Chucky. Bang Bang You're Dead. Pulp Fiction. Gothika

Music.The Bled. Underoath. Atreyu. From First To Last. Brand New. Hole. Death Cab For Cutie. The Blood Brothers The Smiths. The Cure. Senses Fail Story Of The Year.


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Hi, My names Dylan and I'm 14 years old.

I like walking into town and just...walking around. Stopping in at gas stations to buy gum. I know I'm a loser. I love all of my music, Not only do I listen to them, I feel them. I read some manga. But I'm not really into anime. 'Cept for Paranoia agent of course ;) ANYWAYS...

Music: Underoath. Atreyu. From First To Last. Brand New. Hole. The Blood Brothers The Used. My Chemical Romance (Their older stuff). Senses Fail. Story Of The Year. Straylight Run. System Of A Down. Copeland.

Movies: The Girl Next Door. Nightmare Before Christmas (BEFORE everyone was like OMG!!!!11one U LYKE NMBFCM!!!?!!1one) Finding Nemo. Jackass. Stuck On You. Spirited Away. Saw, besides the fake, horible acting.

So yeah. Thats me. Go check out my info page if you wanna know more.

Add me?

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i like meeting new people
and they usually like meet me as well.

about me
+im addicted to chapstick
+i'm blunt.
+i've been in fights, but i hate them.
+id do anything for my friends.
+i like when people comment.
+when they comment...i comment...as long as i have something to say.

comment on my friends only page to be added.
comment with your name. age. picture if you don't mind.
i'll most likely add you.
but if you're boring i'll end up deleting you.

***if you're shallow...its cool i can be at times as well.
but yeah if you're shallow add me i'll add you back
and there are a million pictures thoughout my journal
if i'm ugly and you hate my journal
tell me. and delete me.