June 19th, 2005


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hi, my name is taryn,
im interested in making new/more freinds on here (obviously).

well, ill tell a little about myself.

hmm, im 15.
i live in saginaw, MI
i have a daughter named Summer, today was her first birthday. she is so very cute, duh lol
i have a boyfriend Nick, who i love very much. ive known him for a few years, but we just starting dating late november. he is very good with my daughter and likes to play with her a lot.
i have 7 sisters, adn 2 brothers (only grew up with one tho)
my mom and dad divorced a few years back, my dad is now with someone else who also loves my daughter, my mom recently (a few moths) got with a guy named Jim.

umm i update quite a bit, i think. i like comments, and reading my friends' page, i usually comment a lot, mailny if you do too.

anyway, if you have any questions comment on here,

add me!

99.9% of my entries are friends only, so make sure you teel me your adding me please, ill be SURE to add you back.

X-posted in some places

add me i really do comment

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Hey Im 18 and im not new to lj. I just made a new journal. I like kissing boys and girls too. Making out in the rain is fun. Im into punk, goth, industrial, rock, pop but not the brittney spears and whore christina or fag bsb or nsync boys type shit and country. I play bass and im learning to play the drums. I sing, i want to get a band together but everyone around here is too lazy or too "cool" to start up a band. Im into piercings and tattoos. I have my nose and my ears gaged to a 14. I'll soon to have more piercings and tattoos. I dont like labels. Those people that say i dress "punk" "goth" or w.e are annoying. People who label others are annoying. Im outgoing, i speak my mind, sometimes too much. Im funny, i can be sarcastic. Im a dork. Need to know anything else, ask me.

Favorite bands
The used, weezer, fall out boy, rancid, deftones, system of a down, mudvayne, ICP, kenny chesney, greenday, my chemical romance, mxpx, bowling for soup, rob zombie, twizted, simple plan, ramones, the killers, taking back sunday, something corporate, manson, relient k, papa roach, limp bizkit, pantara, stonesour, linkin park, MSI and more.


Hey, I'm back again...And as before I am looking for people that have the same interests as me, I will list some as soon as I just give you a bit of information about me.

I am 16, female, pretty dramatic at times, paranoid, vague, loyal, loving and opinionated. Sometimes I don't know when to stop. And as many people say "I am my own worst enemy". I like music, books, poetry, astrology, wicca, photography and that means I make some random picture posts every once in a while. But I haven't done many on this journal, because its pretty new.

I have been using Livejournal for a while now and I just want to have some new friends that are interested in similar things to chat to and stuff.

I like bands like, My chemical Romance, The distillers, The Used, Avenged Sevenfold, Alkaline Trio, At The Drive-in, HOLE, REM, Incubus, Taking Back Sunday and lots more. I also like some of the older music, like Frank Sinatra.

So, you know the drill really. :] If you want to add me, I comment and update as much as possible. And I will add you back if you comment on my Friends only entry on my journal.

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Name: Naureen :) *Pronounced Nur-een* (The A's silent & it took 16 years of my life to figure that out. lmfao!)  Nick Name: DuBle Age: 16 Location: South Texas Status: Long-term Relationship (7 months tomorrow :D (on & off 10))

I can be described as: (Good traits AND Bad) Open Minded. Caring. Stubborn. Lazy. Emo. Mature. Dependable. Thoughtful. Understanding. Picky. Unpredictable.

Random Stuff About Me: I love Johnny Depp. (He's my future ex-husband :> lol) The Used kicks Ass. I have my nose and tongue (:P) pierced. I'm currently in summer school. :\ I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. (seriously) I like to write. Sleeping is nice. :)  ANd...I rock? lol

Looking for: Anyone that comments really. lol I don't care what you post in your journal, It's YOUR journal. I'm just interested in meeting new and interesting people THAT COMMENT?!?!...

For More Info: analg3siaplz

Add me 'cause I really really comment! :D

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Hey Y'all whats up

my username I guess says alot about my mental state but really I am a barrel full of laughs. Um yeah I love to comment and read peoples journals and if you think you have the same kind of interests that I do feel free to leave me a message and i'll ADD u.

I am nikki I am 18
I am a cancer
I love silverchair,system of a down,mindless self inulgence,insane clown posse,twiztid,jack off jill,dresden dolls and many many more to list
I love makeup preferably mac
I love shopping
i love purses
I love photography and pictures
so camwhores are welcome

My sn is Spoliedinrubies
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    coin operated boy
Playing guitar

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Hey, I'm Tracy, and I'm a 15 year old soon-to-be Sophomore in high school. I'm a band geek and hence, music is my life.

My journal consists of many random things. I think half of the posts are pretty pointless, but I believe they're semi-interesting. Some entries are happier than others, but some are pretty depressing. I comment tonnes, and I expect for you to do the same.

Check out my user info if you want to know more about me. And if you want, add me, and then comment on my Friends Only entry.

"I am a hostage to my own humanity
Self detained and forced to live in this mess I've made
And all I'm asking is for you to do what you can with me
But I can't ask you to give what you already gave."