June 18th, 2005

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My name is Liz.
I'm 16.
I am a music addict.
+bands include+
- from first to last
- the receiving end of sirens
- emanuel
- senses fail
- ben folds
- the strokes
I have a very diverse taste of music.
.. and style.
I love fashion.
I'm bold and I'm definitely not afraid to show my tastes (or lack there of it).
I'm opinionaited.
I'm a fucking cunt.
I change my hair a lot. [see below lj-cut]
I do crazy things without thinking about the consequences.
That's bad.
I comment a lot. If you don't do not add me.
I update a lot.
If want to make up some crazy nickname to remember me do it, I'll do the same back, I usually do anyways.
I know html.
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now, if you want me.
add me.
tell me.
Smile for me

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Hey everybody my name is Justice , and no thats not the name my momma gave me.

I'm 17..  my emancipation day is Oct. 11

I comment daily and i post usually about 5 times a week.

I love hip hop, accessories, jazz, dave chapelle!, poetry, reading other peoples journals, activism, history, intelligent conversations, singin, comedy, ... for more jus check my info

I love all types of people so add me and comment on my F.O. banner

Don't add me if:

- you want a longer friends list

- you're a homophobe or a racist

- you just want a long ass friends list

-you hate vulgarity.. cuz i say fuck more times than a muthafucka :oP


this will most likely be x-posted until the cows come home

Add me 'cause i really really comment!!!

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I'm Courtney, and I'm fourteen years, and that's my age, mind you, not my IQ. I'd post a picture on here, but you'd probably judge me on that. Although if you don't, that's great. I'd tell you what type of music I listen to, although you'd probably judge me on that too. If you're really interested, become my friend and find out. I made this journal today to get away from people that know me, and base things on past experiences. I'd like a chance to start over and certain people won't let me do that. I'm not a bad kid, but trouble seems to find me. I like to take pictures a lot, and sometimes I'll post them, and I don't care if you comment about them or not. I breed rats and I'm expelled from my school. It's a funny story, actually. I have quite an interesting life, or so I've been told. I'd like new friends that are witty and make rude comments to people, but have logic to back them up. No ho's or skank's please. And I'd like it if I could understand you. I don't want any gangsterizzles on my friendizzle list. Nothing against that I guess, it's just annoying. A lot of things annoy me, but barely any of my entries are complaining, or looking for attention. So, last but not least:

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"