June 13th, 2005


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Name: Jessica
Nickname: Jessi
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Age: 20
Bday: May 23rd

Why you should add me...My journal is exciting! Right now not to much is going on because I dont have many friends on my list at all, so thats why I want YOU! I am going to be posting pictures all the time. And I update my journal regularly. And I comment like crazy.

Likes~dvds, cds, hockey, football, friends, pool halls, going bowling, degrassi:the next generation, radio free roscoe, rap, rock, alternative, pop, country, dogs, powerpuff girls, nascar, baseball, yahoo instant messanger, AOL instant messanger, driving, music, hot guys, water, Powerade, gatorade

Dislikes~liars, backstabbers, people who play games, people who are followers and cant make their own decisions, people who are mean to animals, soda

Intrests: git r done", "heres your sign", 16 candles, 1985, 2005, 420, adult swim, aim, american idol, aquateen hungerforce, armaggedon, avril lavigne, baseball, bill engvall, bisexuals, blue collar tv, bo bice, boyfriends, cds, cigarettes, color bars, dawsons creek, degrassi, degrassi:unscripted, dogs, drunks, dvds, eminem, family, family guy, food, football, friends, gettin crunk, hot guys, jeff foxworthy, kids, larry the cable guy, love interests, mexican rap, money, my so called life, newports, nikko smith, o'grady, open sexuality, partying, pictures, powerpuff girls, punk, rap, rfr, ron white, sex, sexy bras, tanning, the breakfast club, thongs, trading cds, vikadin, water, yahoo

I also trade cds so you can check out the link on my user info! = )

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