June 11th, 2005


Hello everyone! I'm new :)...


Name: Naureen :) *Pronounced Nur-een* (The A's silent lol)  Nick Name: DuBle Age: 16 Location: South Texas Status: Long-term Relationship (6 1/2 months (on & off 9 1/2))

I can be described as: (Good traits AND Bad) Open Minded. Caring. Stubborn. Lazy. Emo. Mature. Dependable. Thoughtful. Understanding. Picky. Unpredictable. :>

Random Stuff About Me: I love Johnny Depp. (He's my future ex-husband :> lol) The Used kicks Ass. I have my nose and tongue (:P) pierced. I'm currently in summer school. :\ I'm addicted to Coca-Cola. (seriously) I like to write. ANd...I rock? lol

Looking for: Anyone that comments really. lol I don't care what you post in your journal, It's YOUR journal. I'm just interested in meeting new and interesting people...

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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