June 10th, 2005

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Hi. I am looking for people that share similar interests with me. Music, writing, reading, nature, wicca and poetry. If we share some interests, then I am more than likely going to add you back. I would like it if you could fill in the a small survey on my FO entry, just so I know something about you, that would be very cool of you if you could do that. I comment and update very often. I don't mind if you don't comment a lot, it's just nice to recieve some. Well, if you want to add me, comment on my FO entry at my eljay. There's a photo of me on my User info. So, that's about it. :] Hope to chat to some of you soon!

PS: I'm lonely :[, Hehe.
Angelina Jolie; Made by me

New friends?

My name’s rajaa. I go by Trixie. I don’t take shit from people, but I’m generally a nice person. I’ll like you until you do something that would make me not like you. I don’t trust people easily. I rather be friends with people I don’t know than be friends with people I know at school.

If I had to sum myslef up in one word I would use the word unique. I recently got this livejournal, my old one was thesegreeneyes_

If you want to add me, go ahead and do it i'll add you back unless, I don't like you or you bore me. Don't expect me to comment on your livejournal a lot unless you comment mine. I wont read long entries unless I really like you don't leave long entries unless I really like you, so don’t expect a comment on those as much. If you don't update, I wont keep you as a friend. Yeah, That's pretty much it.

If you’d like to add me go to my userinfo
and add me, once I’ve seen that you have added me.. I’ll add you back.

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