June 9th, 2005


Add me please!

Name: Jessica
Nickname: Jessi
Location: St. Charles, Missouri
Age: 20
Bday: May 23rd

Why you should add me...My journal is exciting! Right now not to much is going on because I dont have many friends on my list at all, so thats why I want YOU! I am going to be posting pictures all the time. And I update my journal regularly. And I comment like crazy.

Likes~dvds, cds, hockey, football, friends, pool halls, going bowling, degrassi:the next generation, radio free roscoe, rap, rock, alternative, pop, country, dogs, powerpuff girls, nascar, baseball, yahoo instant messanger, AOL instant messanger, driving, music, hot guys, water, Powerade, gatorade

Dislikes~liars, backstabbers, people who play games, people who are followers and cant make their own decisions, people who are mean to animals, soda

I also trade cds so you can check out the link on my user info! = )